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Event 7 2009-2010 PDF Print E-mail

Date: Fri 9 April 2010

Location: CCU - RAF Akrotiri

Travel: Registration will take place at the Akrotiri Ranges located on RAF Akrotiri.  Start location will be tac signed from RAF Akrotiri MEP.

Timings: Registration will be available from 0900 hrs and the course will be open from 0930 hrs.  Last start will be 1130 hrs and the course will close at 1230 hrs.

A Course - A moderately technical course of approximately 7 kms
B Course - A less technical course of approximately 5 kms.

Terrain: The ground is open Bondhu which is crossed by various paths and tracks.

Map: 1:12,500. Maps will be pre-marked.  Loose control descriptions will be available.

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass and whistle.  Full leg coverage is recommended.

Facilities: There are no toilets available but water will be available in the registration area.



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