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1. The BFC CSOC will take place in the “Melanda” area over the period 13/14 May 10 and is the final event in the Cyprus Services Orienteering League (CSOL) season 09/10.
The event is open to all league attendees who will be able to compete for prizes.  Others may attend as guests for which separate prizes are available.

2. AIM

3. The aim of this instruction is to provide information and administrative requirements for the Championships.


4. The individual championship events will take place on 13 May 10 (A & B
Courses), followed by a Harris Relay team event on 14 May 10.

a. Day 1. –  Individual Event open to both male and females:

A Course.   A 7-8KM course classed to be of a ‘high technical difficulty’.

B Course.   A 4-5KM course classed to be of a ‘medium difficulty’.

Registration opens at 0900hrs
Course opens at 0930hrs
Registration closes at 1200hrs
Course closes at 1330hrs

b. Day 2.  – Team Event:
 Harris Relay.   A Ladies and Men’s Relay Orienteering Course (team of 4). 
 NB. Composite Teams are allowed and will be eligible for prizes.

 Registration opens at 0900hrs
 Registration closes at 0945hrs
 Mass start at 1000hrs
 Course closes at 1200hrs

5. Eligibility.   All personnel who are on held strength of BFC as at 01 May 10 and all-current league attendees are considered eligible to compete for prizes.  All other personnel are deemed to be “Guest Runners” and as such they are eligible for guest prizes.  A list of prizes is at Annex A.

6. Registration.   Each team is to complete the registration form at Annex B.  Entry fee for each team will cost €40.00 (this covers both days). Cheques should be made payable to: Central Bank Episkopi Support Unit.  Cheques and completed Registration forms must reach the Secretary NLT 4 May 10.  Individuals who are not part of a team can enter for the 1-day event and/or as part of a composite team for the 2-day event.  If they enter for one day, the entry fee is €5.00 and for both days, it is €10.00, (payment method as per team’s entries above).

7. Out of Bounds.   With immediate effect, the “Melanda” area within the WSBA is out of bounds to all personnel intending to compete in the championships.

8. Maps.    Maps will be pre-marked for both days.

9. Safety.   All personnel are to carry a safety whistle and a compass.  Full leg cover advised but not mandatory.  Episkopi station Medical Centre is aware of the event and will deploy if required.

10. Directions.   To be issued via email and the CSOL Website on Tue 5 Apr 10.

11. Portaloos.   QM BFESU is requested to provide 2 x portaloos for each day at the following locations: POC For contact is Maj (Retd) P.R.Chapman on Mob: 97807955

a. Melanda – TBA

12. Admin Support.   Unit TBC are requested to release 1 x SNCO plus a working party of 4 in order to be responsible for the Administration of the event for both days as follows:

a. Start / Finish Area.
b. Registration.
c. Results and the Results Board.
d. Provision of Prizes and appropriate Table.
e. Signage to both events.
f. Parking.
g. Medical Bag.
h. Assisting Course Planner.
i. Cold drinks.

12. Prize giving.   Stn Comd  Episkopi, Lt Col  A. Pickford RIFLES has kindly agreed to present the prizes.  The prize giving will take place immediately after the Harris Relay Event (Day 2) at approximately 1130(approx) hrs.  All attendees are requested to stay for the prize giving.

13. Media Support.   HQ BFC SO1 Media Ops is requested to provide a photographer to cover the prize giving on Day 2 (14 May 10).

14. Land Clearance.   HQ BFC J3 Trg is requested to provide “blanket” clearance for both days (see previously submitted application).

15. Queries.   Any queries on this instruction should be addressed to either the Orienteering Secretary SSgt (YofS) Burton on (2596) 3107 or Maj (Ret’d) P. Chapman on (2596) 3948.

[Original Signed]

M Burton
SSgt (YofS)

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