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Event 3 2010-2011 PDF Print E-mail


1. The Third Orienteering event of the CSOL will take place in the Episkopi Area on Fri 29 Oct 10.
The Event will be organised by HQ BFC.

Course Planner: Pat Chapman
Controller: Jim Burke

2. Details of the event are as follows:


Location: Kourion Stadium,  Nr Episkopi

Directions: The Start is located at the top of Curium Hill.
            Grid Ref:887,366,WSBA Trg Facilities Map, Edition: 2-GSGS. 
            Travelling on the Motorway (direction Limassol to Paphos)
            Take the Episkopi/Erimi exit, turn right at Erimi Bridge and transit
            through Episkopi Village on the old Paphos Road. O Signs will commence at
            the bottom of Curium Hill.

Timings:    Registration opens at 0830hrs and closes at 1200.hrs Event starts at 0900hrs
            Course closes at: 1300hrs


A Course : Technically challenging approximately 5km.Ideal for the experienced Orienteer
B Course:  Less challenging but sufficient to provide the less experienced Orienteer with an achievable target.

Terrain:  Undulating with close shrubbery in some areas. Tracks criss cross the area. 
          The area consists of a plateau with a large valley which has several re-entrants.
          Additionally part of the area is surrounded by high aerials. Some OOB Areas exist
          which are clearly shown on the map. Some cultivated land is contained on the map.
          There are no map corrections.

Map: Episkopi East & Kurium. Scale: 1:10,000. Updated as at 2009. Maps will be pre-marked.

Control descriptions will be with the map.

Equipment: Compass and whistle essential. Leg cover advisable.

Facilities: 1 x Portaloo in situ.  Water available.

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