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BFC planning and Orienteering Familiarisation Course 15/17 September 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Set in an ideal location, with perfect teaching conditions in the briefing room at RAF Troodos, Hugh Drummond and Andrew Hensman completed a two and a half day seminar teaching the basics of planning, mapping techniques and an intro to the electronic package OCAD and EMIT timing equipment.

The course was made up of both competent orienteers and many of whom had very little experience at either planning courses or competitive orienteering.  Five of the course, namely Captain Charlie Whitting and Cpl Paul Johnson both from 2 LANCS, SSgt “Coops” Cooper and Sig Dale Malarec, CCU AKR Tp, Cpl Chris Halton, Media Ops HQ Episkopi Garrison and Mr Michaelides Kyriakos from UNICYP UN, were deserving of a special mention for their enthusiastic approach and the general competence level achieved.

The aims of the course were to provide each student with sufficient knowledge to be able to:
1. Plan courses to the required technical level set for the BFC Orienteering league.
2. Have reached a competence level required to take advantage of OCAD and thus enable the planning phase, after a recce of the competition area to be completed electronically and in turn produce pre-marked maps.
3. Be able to make minor adjustments, after recce, to the map using OCAD.
4. Witness the different methodology involved in the making of an orienteering map.
5. To reach a competence level in the use of EMIT, the latest method of recording running times electronically.

The steep sided forested area surrounding the RAF Troodos facility proved a superb location for the course.  The accommodation, restaurant and general help afforded by the Headquarters were greatly appreciated and it is hoped the course will be the first of many.

It will be interesting to see how well the course get on planning events in the coming season and especially the event in the Mount Olympus area on Friday the 26 September controlled and planned by Capt Whitting and Cpl Johnson, 2nd Bn The Duke of Lancasters Regiment….I wonder if the contours were left off the map it would make it an easier Challenge?


Some handouts from the course:

1. Colour Coded explained.pdf

2. Planning Tips by HRD

Some pictures from the course:

Mr. Hugh Drummond

Mr. Hugh Drummond and Mr. Andrew Hensman and the Students

The Lovely Mrs. Drummond

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