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1. The fourth event of the Cyprus Services Orienteering League 2008/2009 will be held in the Episkopi Area on Fri 24 Oct 08

2. Details are as follows:

a. Location:  Registration and Start/Finish will be in the immediate area behind the old SBA Police Station known as Peel Park.  This is at GD867369 and is located 1 Km from the main entrance to Episkopi base between Curium - Episkopi Base on the Coast Road.  Orienteering kites & Tac Signs will be in situ from Curium Hill and from the Paramali Turn off (Westbound) on the motorway.

b. Timings:  Registration will open at 0845hrs with courses opening at 0900hrs.  A & B Courses will close at 1300hrs and the C Course at 1500hrs.

c. Courses:  The following courses will be run:

A Course:  A Technical Course of approximately 5 Km.

B Course:  A less technical course of approximately 3.5 Km.

C Course:  A basic course for complete novices/children.  Approximately 1 Km in length.

NB:  Scale Tbc

d. Points:  CSOL Rules apply:  Every participant who completes a course will gain an individual score.  Teams to consist of 4 Runners, two on the A Course and two on the B Course.  Points will count towards the Team Points.

e. Equipment:  Unmarked Maps will be provided.  Each runner is to carry their own
 compass & whistle.  Leg cover is recommended.

f. Facilities:  WC located in Empty Married Quarter (5 Peel Park) adjacent to the Start
Finish Area.  Water available.

3. Contacts:  For further information contact the organisers:  Maj (Retd) Pat Chapman (25963948/99579205) or C/Sgt Nigel Butler (25963032).

P.R. Chapman
C2 (MSF)
Event 4 Co-Organiser

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