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Start Location: Happy Valley Running Track/ Sports Stadium.

Facilities: Water, toilet and showers will be aavialable.

Directions: Come of the Highway travelling west at the Paramali Junction, turn left at the slip/main road junction (will be kited) up the hill and follow the road to Happy Valley, or from Episkopi Station, follow the road west towards Paramali Village and you will pass through Happy Valley, Kites will mark the entarnce to Happy Valley and onto the Registartion point in the Stadium.

Registration: Opens at 0845hrs, closes at 1300hrs.

Start Time: 0900hrs, last runner away at 1200hrs.

Courses: A Course - a technical course of approx 5km.

B Course - a less technical course of approx 3km.

Course Closes: Approx 1300hrs.

Terrain: Mainly open falt land with some areas of bondhu, short steep hills, tracks and foliage .

Map: 2008 1:7500 Mastermap.

Equipment: Whistle and compass.

Conduct of the event: The 2008/2009 CSOL rules will apply- Every participant who completes a course will gain an individual score. Teams points awarded to first two runners on the A Course and first two on the B Course, for each team.
Contacts for the Event: Charlie Whitting Mobile number 97789686

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