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CHAMPIONSHIPS 2008-2009 PDF Print E-mail




Day 1: Thu 02 Apr 09 – Individual Championships

 Follow signs from British Forces Episkopi Main Entry Point
 Registration from : 0900hrs
 First Runner away: 0930hrs
 Last Runner away: 1200hrs
 Course closes: 1330hrs
 Details of Course: A Cse: Approx 7km.  Map 10,000, 10F Symbols
    B Cse: Approx 5km.  Map 10,000, 10F Symbols
    Both courses 5m Contours. A mixture of open and mixed terrain,

Admin Points: Portaloos and drinks available.
Full Leg cover advisable.  Whistles to be carried.
Do not run fields with cultivated crops.

Day 2: Fri 03 Apr 09 – Harris Relay and Prize Giving

On the main Limassol – Paphos motorway, take the exit marked ‘SOTIRA’ ((F602).  If you are coming from the East, ie Limassol / Nicosia / Dhekelia / Ay Nik, then this is the last exit before the tunnel.
If you are coming from the West ie Paphos, then SOTIRA (F602) is the first exit after the Tunnel.
Directions in the form of Orienteering Flags / Tac Signs are visible and marked from both exits.

 Registration from: 0900hrs
 Harris Relay starts at 1000hrs IMay be Mass start or 1 x min interval depending on entries)
 Course closes 1130hrs (approx)
 Course Details: Open & mixed terrain
 Prize Giving at 1200hrs (approx) by Stn Comd Episkopi Station:
Lt Col Bob Pickford RIFLES

All teams are requested to stay for the Prize Giving.

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