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1. The First Event of the Cyprus Services Orienteering League, 2009/2010 season, will be held on Friday 18th September 2009 in Troodos.

2. Details are as follows:

a. Location. The registration, start and finish will be on the junction just past the main gate to Troodos Camp, opposite the church of St George of the Forest.

b. Timings. Registration will open at 0915 hrs with the course opening at 0930 hrs. The last runners away will be at 1300 hrs.

c. Courses. All courses will be run on the Troodos orienteering map (scale 1:7,500). Courses will be as follows:

‘A’ Course : a technical course of approx 5 km
‘B’ Course : a less technical course of approx 3.5 km

d. Scoring. The 2009/2010 CSOL rules will apply ie. Every participant who completes a course will gain an individual score. The first two runners on the ‘A’ Course and the first two runners on the ‘B’ Course, of each team, will count towards team points.

e. Equipment. Unmarked maps will be provided. Runners are to carry their own compass and whistle. Leg covering is recommended.

f. Facilities. Nil. Water, will however, be provided at the start/finish.

3. For further information, contact Diana Bridger on Tel:
 Office: 2261-4756.
 Mobile: 99413479.

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